Off-the-Grid Air Conditioning and Electricians

DIY Solar-Powered Aircon Unit Sun-powered air cooler. (Photo Credits) When trying to bring down utility costs it will always be a great idea to tap renewable energy. Solar power for instance is being used by more and more homes nowadays because it is a practical choice in the long run. Air conditioning consumes a lot … More Off-the-Grid Air Conditioning and Electricians

The Benefits of Hiring Electrician Contractors

Take advantage of the expertise and equipment The advantages of hiring expert electrical contractors. (Photo Credits) Although electrical contractors and licensed electricians both carry out electrical jobs, there is still a marked difference between the two. For one, electrical contractors may be licensed professional electricians but not all licensed and certified electricians could call themselves … More The Benefits of Hiring Electrician Contractors

Electrician’s Advice on Buying an Older Home

Electrical Details of an Older House What to check before buying an older home. (Photo Credits) Being safety conscious is very important when buying an older home. After all electrical details should be examined, and should be safe for all occupants. Electricians for instance says electrical fixtures should be among the first things to … More Electrician’s Advice on Buying an Older Home

What Electricians say about Power Fluctuation

The Reasons for Electrical Fluctuation When lightning strikes power and grid lines, power fluctuation may occur. (Photo Credits) Electrical fluctuations are not an uncommon occurrence in a household especially when there are weather disturbances that can affect power supply. But if the voltage fluctuations happen only to one home, instead of the whole neighborhood or … More What Electricians say about Power Fluctuation

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety Whole House Safety Inspections Periodic Electrical Safety Inspections are essential in maintaining a home that is safe from the dangers of electrical shock, and electric related incidents and injuries such as fires and burns. We at Green Electric Solutions offer periodic electrical maintenance inspections for the whole home to ensure safety and prevent … More Electrical Safety

Wiring – Rewiring

Residential and Commercial Full Wiring Services Green Electric Solutions specializes in wiring services for both commercial and residential properties. There is no jo that is too small or too big for us, as we can help you with wiring repairs, up to the updating of your outdated aluminum wiring system to copper wiring – which … More Wiring – Rewiring